False Flag : Why Queer Politics Mean the End of America



Author:  Joy Pullmann

Pride Used to Be a Sin—Now It Is the Flag of Our Occupation. In this shocking new book, Joy Pullmann shows how radical ideologues and sexual revolutionaries captured local schoolboards, major corporations, the Democratic Party, and the federal government.

Their goals are remorselessly totalitarian. Their bureaucratic enforcers, without batting an eye, would gladly take away your job, close down your parochial school, and even separate you from your children.

America is undergoing nothing less than a regime change. The country we once knew—its history, its Constitution, its Christian morality, its dedication to God-given individual rights—is under relentless attack by our own government, courts, and institutions. And lest we fail to appreciate our subjugation, every year we are forced for an entire month to bend the knee to the rainbow banner of conquest.

Despite their enormous power, however, the cultural Marxists and their liberal enablers can still be beaten if Americans recognize what is at stake—before it is too late. Indeed, thousands of intrepid parents, working with conservative governors and legislators, are off to a good start. This essential book provides counterrevolutionaries with a strategy to build on those efforts. With courage, conviction, and faith, patriots can—and must—bring an end to the woke occupation of America. It’s the only country we have.

336 pages (Hardback)


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