To Be a Woman : The Confusion Over Female Identity and How Christians Can Respond



Author: Katie J. McCoy

In a world of gender confusion that poses significant risk to girls and women especially, Katie J. McCoy helps Christians understand why our culture struggles with gender so much, why the relationship between biological sex and gender is so crucial, the severe biological risks associated with gender transitioning on the female body, what Scripture and science have to say on the matter, and how Christians might respond in Christlike ways to loved ones struggling with their gender.

We live in a cultural moment where the definition of “woman” eludes the keenest of thinkers and brightest of scientists, where one’s biological sex and one’s gender are divorced, where the meaning of gender itself is a constantly moving target, and where girls and women, especially, struggle to know who they are.

Where societal confusion has naturally ensued from this state of affairs, and Christians especially wonder how to think and respond to it, Katie J. McCoy offers a clear and helpful guide in her debut trade book, To Be a Woman.

In these pages, Katie will help you understand:

  • Why, as a culture, we’ve arrived in such a place of gender confusion
  • What the relationship is between biological sex and gender, and why this relationship is so crucial
  • The truth about gender transitioning, including the irreversible damage of hormone therapy on the female human body
  • Common myths and misunderstandings in the gender debate
  • What Scripture and science have to say on the matter
  • Ways to respond in a Christlike way to loved ones struggling with gender identity

208 pages (Soft Cover)


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