A curated list of books and a wholesome alternative to secular bookfairs for the entire family!

Most families don’t have the time to figure out which books are appropriate for their children to be reading. Most parents are just happy they’re reading! But do you know if the content they are consuming conflicts with your convictions?

We know what it feels like to not be sure what your child is reading and assuming as long as they are reading, that’s all that’s important. But we don’t have that luxury anymore, considering the current cultural context we live in. We’ve spent hours reviewing books to put together the best titles we can find so you can feel good about sharing them with your kids (and even yourself)!

Along with supporting biblical values and what is good, beautiful and true, our books include important topics that help all ages dialogue about harmful ideologies that undermine our convictions and values. This includes books that discuss Gender Ideology, History, CRT (Critical Race Theory), and the Right to Life, all from a Biblical Worldview.

Protect your family against the prevailing culture with books that align with your values! SHOP HERE!

Interested in a bookfair? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Email us and let us know which week you’d like to have your MHM bookfair!
  2. Share your custom link with your school families via email and social media!
  3. Receive your books and hand out the individually bagged books to your families!
Santa Fe Springs Christian School – MHM Hybrid Bookfair

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