A few of our faves!

Questions on a biblical worldview?

Questions on the current cultural climate?

Great gifts for your PK-2nd grader

Any Dead Sea Squirrels

Any Lee Strobel books

Any Heroes for Young Readers

Any books by Thornborough

Any Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers

Great gifts for your 1st – 3rd grader

Any Van de Hulst books

Any books by Carine MacKenzie

Books by Camorlinga

Books by R.C. Sproul

Cul-de-Sac Kids Series

Great gifts for your 2nd – 4th grader

Any Tuttle Twins books

Any Bill Peet books

Mandie Collection

Books by Jean Fritz (includes many historical fiction books)

Fairchild Family Series

Any Imagination Station books

Great gifts for your 3rd – 5th grader

Christian Heroes books

Books by J. Warner Wallace

Any of The Answers Book for Kids series

Sugar Creek Gang series

Gifts for your 5th – 8th graders

Scott O’Dell books

Carol Snedeker books

Any Gary Paulsen books

Gifts for your high schooler/adult

Books by C.S. Lewis

Rush Revere books

Any Trail Blazers books

Lois Lowry books

Francine Rivers (especially the Mark of the Lion series!)

Anything by Nancy Pearcey

Books by Tolkien

Non-prophet’s guide

Anything by Eric Metaxas

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