The song that goes on and on



Author: Sarah Molitor

Well a whale came along, he was singing a song, it went- WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH-WOAAAAAHHHHH-WOOOOOOOOOOOO
And the song was so strong that it carried along through waves and currents of blue

In this fun and lyrical story, readers discover how we all have a song inside of us that is just wanting to burst through. Beginning with a whale, readers witness the whale’s song going through multiple ecosystems and spreading joy to every animal along the way. The Song that Goes On and On and On and On shows readers how powerful our voice can affect those around us.

Written by Sarah Molitor (@modernfarmhousefamily), The Song That Goes On and On and On and On will introduce your children to various animals and creatures from around the world. Our hope is that readers will realize that even though we may be different, we are all human beings that each have a song to share with the world.

32 pages (Hardback)


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