Bright April



Author: Marguerite de Angeli

Like the month she was born in and named after, April was bright one moment and dark the next. But mostly she was Bright April, because of her happy family, her Brownie Scout Troop, and all her friends in the Philadelphia suburb where she lived.

This is April’s story. It is especially the story of her tenth birthday, which brought the best surprise she could have ever imagined.

Marguerite de Angeli has made the life of April and her family as real and as warm as a next door neighbor s. Most of all, as always, she has made a picture story book that is fun to read.

Originally published in 1946, Bright April was the first children’s book written in the United States concerning racial prejudice. No matter their ethnicity, Mrs. de Angeli felt that all children should be treated the same.

88 pages (Hardback)



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