Mooses with Bazookas



Author: S. D. Smith

This brand-new collection of adventures is a distinct departure in style from S. D. Smith’s well-known works. Yes, just as in the Green Ember series, we are fighting the darkness–but through laughter. Written as a collection of stories “found” by island-stranded Wally Warmbottom and “printed” by S. D., the stories are by such authors as Binsley Bustbocket and Pirate Beardington. Wally’s letters are included, along with stories of the odd Weenlobbers, Southy Mouse, and Elsie, who dreams of going to the stars with her pet dog, Rocket.

The centerpiece story (a 55-page, short-chapter book within the book) highlights Barry the mouse as a lone survivor in a flame-thrower vs rocket launchers and machine gun fight. By the way, Wally’s note says he’s sending that story to us before he’s read it. We get to decide whether it’s worth him reading or not.

160 pages (Hardback)



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