The Bible for Me: Bible Stories and Prayers



Author: Amy Parker, Mike Nawrocki

The Bible for Me: Bible Stories and Prayers is a new Bible storybook and the first title in The Bible for Me brand of related products for kids ages 4-8 from the team at Brentwood Studios and authors Amy Parker and Mike Nawrocki. The 50 stories are written and designed to share the story of God’s people and His love for each child, in a way that it is relevant and relatable to the reader. Each story ends with a prayer where the reader can easily insert the child’s name, making the stories uniquely personal. The book features fresh, colorful illustrations from Taylor Thompson Lynch.

This Bible storybook was written specifically to show God’s love and purpose for each unique child, making it clear that these timeless stories are meant for each and every one of us, here and now, today.

352 pages (Hardback)




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