A Lion to Guard Us



Author: Clyde Robert Bulla

A young girl must bring her brother and sister to the new world of America, over a long and hard ocean crossing, with the protection of a family gift.

The much loved historical novel about a small family facing incredible odds, and their courageous voyage to a distant American colony called Jamestown. 

Amanda Freebold had to grow up very fast. Three years ago, her father left for the new colony of Jamestown in America thousands of miles away, leaving his family behind. After the death of their mother, Amanda finds herself in charge of her two young siblings—and no one to turn to for help. With so much on her shoulders, Amanda makes a decision: They will cross the ocean to find their father at Jamestown all by themselves.

The ocean crossing is long and hard, and the children don’t know whom to trust. Through fearsome storms and unexpected detours, they keep a tight hold of the little brass lion’s head their father left with them to guard them from danger. With their little lion in hand, and each other to rely on, Amanda and her siblings journey to a new world where they hope to find their home.

128 pages (Soft Cover)

570 L


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