Annie Henry and the Secret Mission (Adventures in the American Revolution, Book 1)



Author: Susan Olasky

Drawing on the same courage and bravery she’s seen in her father Patrick Henry, ten-year-old Annie Henry is on a secret mission to help bring freedom to America.

Sometimes it’s hard to be the daughter of a famous patriot. War is coming—the Revolutionary War—and it forces Annie’s father to be away from their plantation for long stretches of time.

Annie desperately wants to help him in the cause for liberty, but there are things to keep her eye on at home before she can try to solve the problems of the colonies. A fire nearly destroys her family’s crops, her seriously ill mother takes a turn for the worse, and a fall from a horse leaves Annie with a broken arm.

Still she is determined to do her part to bring freedom to the land. With her father’s famous words, “Give me liberty or give me death!” ringing in her ears, Annie finally gets an idea…

96 pages (Soft Cover)


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