Bus Station Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries)



Author:  Gertrude Chandler Warner

Four brave siblings were searching for a home – and found a life of adventure! Join the Boxcar Children as they investigate some suspicious activity at a bus station in this illustrated chapter book series beloved by generations of readers.

The Boxcar Children take a bus trip to the Science and Hobby Fair, but a bad storm forces them to stay at a bus station along the way. Soon they are in the middle of a mystery involving a polluted river, two strange boys, and a suspicious bus-station manager.

What started as a single story about the Alden Children has delighted readers for generations and sold more than 80 million books worldwide. Featuring timeless adventures, mystery, and suspense, The Boxcar Children® series continues to inspire children to learn, question, imagine, and grow.

128 pages (Soft Cover)

510 L


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