D is for Dinosaur



Author: Ken and Mally Ham

Another Bible ABC book in the popular, parent-approved series by Ken Ham, D is for Dinosaur has been revised with brilliant new illustrations to enhance the wonderful rhyming text. It works equally well for family devotionals and as a homeschooling, Sunday school, or Christian school curriculum.

Each sequence of verses teaches foundational principles from the Bible, from Creation to the glory of heaven, and helps children memorize important insights from Scripture and God’s world.

  • This Bible ABC book includes coloring pages sure to engage children.
  • It helps answer young children’s questions about Creation, Noah’s Ark, dinosaurs, and more on their own level.
  • D is for Dinosaur provides easy-to-use resources to help parents or educators teach from the book, including discussion points, reviews, memorization aids, and a resource section

72 pages (Hardback)


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