Jed, the Poorhouse Boy



Author: Horatio Alger

Jed, the Poorhouse Boy is one of Horatio Alger’s ‘formula, rags-to-riches’ books for boys. At the age of two years, Jed Gilman is left at the ‘poorhouse’ by a mysterious woman. Here, he remains for nearly 14 years, until, under the abuse of new caretakers, Jed decides to run away. A series of various occupations follow, as well as horrendous bad luck. Although Jed is assisted by new friends in his endeavor to make his own way in the world, and to lose the stigma attached to growing up destitute, he is deliberately foiled, upon occasion, by people in his past. In the end, it is his honesty, and kind-hearted nature which will help him to discover his true identity, reclaim his family, and realize his full potential.

222 pages (Soft Cover)


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