Outlaws of Time #3: The Last of the Lost Boys



Author:  N.D. Wilson

In the thrilling conclusion to bestselling author N. D. Wilson’s middle grade time travel series that NYT bestselling author Peter Lerangis says is full of “wild action, mind-bending fantasy, and unforgettable characters,” Sam and Glory must protect history from a new villain—the son of their future selves.

Compared to the daring adventures in his father’s books, Alex always thought his life was boring at best. But when he learns that his favorite time-traveling heroes—Sam and Glory—are his real parents, Alex realizes he never needed to dream of an elsewhere. Just an elsewhen.

However, the gateways to the future and the past are filled with danger. And when Alex sets out to find Father Tiempo, he is ambushed by the Vulture’s master, who transforms him into the powerful villain El Terremento.

Now there’s not a second to waste. Unless Sam and Glory Miracle can stop the son they didn’t even know they were going to have, let alone lose, history will be unhinged—for good.

256 pages (Hardback)


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