The Batboy and the Unbreakable Record



Author:  Robert Skead

A young boy lands a dream job for the Cincinnati Reds where he becomes witness to a baseball record that is unbreakable.

In 1938 12-year-old Richie Goodwin doesn’t think life can get any worse. His highly competitive nature always makes it difficult for him to make friends and now he must get a job to help his struggling family. When Richie lands a dream job as batboy for the Cincinnati Reds, his troubles continue to brew when he must answer to a bossy senior batboy, obey strict rules, and convince the guys at school that he really did land the job. After carelessly disobeying a clubhouse rule, Richie gets fired and now his friends will think he is a liar and phony.

Given a second chance Richie must learn to follow the rules as he gets to witness Johnny Vander Meer set a baseball record that might be unbreakable.

162 pages (Soft Cover)


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