The Declaration, the Sword and the Spy (Epic Order of the Seven #6)



Author:  Jenny Cote


A spy in the Sons of Liberty threatens to crush the patriot cause on the eve of war, but who will fire the first shot at Lexington and launch the American Revolution? The Marquis de Lafayette commits his sword to fight as France seeks to secretly support the American cause with spies on both sides of the Atlantic. Following Bunker Hill, George Washington faces the impossible task of driving the British from Boston with an undisciplined army and no gunpowder or cannons. As Congress debates Independence, Thomas Jefferson pens a Declaration—but it will never see the light of day if the vote isn’t unanimous. The Epic Order of the Seven animal team must assist the Founding Fathers with espionage and numerous miracles to win this war for American Independence while a new, evil enemy seeks to slaughter the patriots and their commander in the field. But which will be the more dangerous—the enemy without or the enemy within?

Covering the events from March 1775 to July 1776, this second book in Cote’s Epic Revolutionary Saga tells of the incredible yet lesser-known struggles of the war before Independence.

688 pages (Soft Cover)

1010 L


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