The Good News Must Go Out: True Stories of God at work in the Central African Republic (Hidden Heroes)



Author:  Rebecca Davis

A sultan whose three hundred wives were buried alive . . . cannibals who believed there was no such thing as a white woman . . . an elegant French lady who watched in horror as the missionary performed surgery on her kitchen table . . . .

These are just a few of the real people encountered in these true missionary stories of Margaret Nicholl Laird in her ministry in the Central African Republic, as she and many others gave their lives in service of the King of Glory, whose Good News could not be stopped.

The Hidden Heroes Series tells inspirational stories for preteens (ages 9-12) that are suitable for read-alouds for younger children. Evangelical Protestant Christian missionaries take the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who then take it to their own people. Biographical true accounts bring the miraculous work of the gospel to life through personal testimonies of historical figures.

160 pages (Soft Cover)


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