The Ross Family Adventures: Hope Rising In The West



Author: Rachel Grace

The Ross family has been changed forever. After enduring a family tragedy, the eight siblings must now decide if they will carry on the legacy of their parents. Together they unite to chase a hope-filled dream, proving that hard work and perseverance always makes a way. Despite the harsh realities of moving out West in the 1860’s, the Ross siblings discover that they can overcome any difficulty with a strong faith and unwavering unity. Although the road ahead is, at times, perilous and certainly unfamiliar, their devotion to one another is always unshakable. It is this unwavering devotion that holds the Ross siblings together as they face the daring road ahead.

Join Rebecca, Reuben, Susan, Abraham, Joshua, Sarah, Emily, and Anna on this epic journey. You’ll find yourself rooting for the Ross siblings like you are on the journey with them.

200 pages (Soft Cover)



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