Winston Churchill: Courage in the Face of Darkness (Heroes of Liberty)



Author: Joyce Claiborne-West

Churchill’s words of defiance were so powerful, they roused the hearts and minds of Britain’s citizens. They resolved never to surrender to the Nazis, whatever the price. The summer of 1940 was one of history’s darkest hours. Adolf Hitler had conquered Europe. Only Britain remained defiant, but it seemed a German invasion of her shores was just a matter of time. The British leadership was in despair. They thought the only way to save Britain was to give in and make peace with Hitler. But one man refused to bow his head to the evil of Nazism: the new British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Children ages 6 to 11 will be thrilled by the beautifully-illustrated, exciting story of Winston Churchill and how his refusal to give in to evil at the crucial hour helped save the world from the darkness of Nazism. Find out why he was a true hero of liberty: – Discover how Churchill knew he was destined for greatness, even as a teenager. – A work of art waiting on every page, crafted by a first-class international artist. – Explore key moments in Churchill’s life of adventure, and how they helped him to become a brave leader during the Second World War.
60 pages (Hardback)


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