Walking in Unity : Biblical Answers to Questions on Race and Racism



Authors: Monique Duson and Krista Bontrager

Exploring the tough issues around race and racism being brought into our churches, Walking in Unity explores what Scripture says about racial unity and how Christians ultimately find their common identity in Christ.

Biblical Guidance for Tough Conversations on Race

Early in their friendship, Monique and Krista faced what felt like insurmountable barriers in their discussions about race and racism. Rather than retreating into avoidant silence or escalating tension until they burned down their friendship, they learned to face those difficult conversations together—because as children of God, they saw each other as worth it.

Walking in Unity is about bringing Christ-centered answers to issues of race and racism. Drawing a clear distinction between the secular culture’s instructions for agreement and Scripture’s call for unity, authors Monique Duson and Krista Bontrager explore what the Bible really says about racial harmony and how Christians ultimately find their common identity in Christ.

Avoiding cheap platitudes, Monique and Krista help you explore the tough issues that the larger culture has brought into our churches, such as historic racial injustices, systemic racism, and the call for reparations. As you employ this Christ-centered model for unity, you will find nuanced insights and practical guidelines for engaging the divisive issues of today with the love and truth found only in Jesus.

240 pages (Soft Cover)


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