Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation



Author:  Pete Hegseth with David Goodwin

Conservatives are familiar with the craziness on college campuses. They also have long assumed that colleges and universities are self-contained ecosystems with little impact on the broader culture and K-12 education.

But the radical ideologies pervading higher education have now infected nearly all of America’s education systems. In an Idaho school district, books like A Is for Activist, Antiracist Baby, and Not My Idea: A Book about Whiteness are read to elementary students. In Massachusetts, Cambridge Public Schools’ “Early Childhood Curriculum” teaches black families to be “free from patriarchal practices” as part of the “disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics.” Our kids receive the same barrage of progressive messages from Hollywood and social media, Pete Hegseth charges.

In The Battle for the American Mind he explains the critical mistakes conservatives make when it comes to education in America. He shows why, no matter what political battles conservatives win, progressives are winning the war—one student at a time. Most importantly, he reveals an all but lost philosophy of education that has the potential to reverse these troubling tends. And he shares what he is doing to raise his own children in a way that instills in them the values Americans have always treasured.

288 pages (Hardback)


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