Leadership and Emotional Sabotage: Resisting the Anxiety That Will Wreck Your Family, Destroy Your Church, and Ruin the World



Author:  Joe Rigney

Who are you when the teeth come out?

For every true act of leadership, there is an equal and monstrous act of sabotage.

Our leaders have been entirely routed by the agitated and the anxious. These emotional tyrannies manifest themselves in local libraries, HR cubicles, elder meetings, and at your Thanksgiving dinners.

In this book Professor Joe Rigney seeks to recover the nerve of old that steadied leaders to make tough calls. The nerve that braces them when sabotage comes–because it will. The nerve that has more fun than its enemies.

Cheer up, there’s no way out but through.

Leadership and Emotional Sabotage – This comprehensive book on leadership authored by Professor Joe Rigney is designed to empower men with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their personal and professional lives.

Designed with today’s men in mind, this biblical leadership growth book reintroduces joyful and steadfast leadership in Christ. As one of the short books on management and leadership, it offers advice on taking strong risks.

Dive into the world of Christian motivation books for men and learn how to become immovable and grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ by seeking his approval above all else. With a focus on God, the strength-based leadership book implores the reader to resist the lure of people-pleasing and man-fearing.

Through Christian principles and spiritual leadership, this risk-taking Christian book for men offers valuable insights and practical advice. Whether you are a seasoned leader or just starting your journey, these motivational books for men will further ignite your passion, drive, and determination.

Gain a deeper understanding through these Christian books for men into the topics of confident leadership, removing frustration, and cultivating spiritual growth.But these books for young men are not limited to any one. These Christian leadership books for men make a lasting difference in personal and professional spheres

120 pages (Hardback)


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