Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design



Author: Stephen Meyer

The first major scientific argument for Intelligent Design by a leading scientist

Signatures in the Cell is the first major statement by a scientist to argue that intelligent design is as the best explanation for the origin of life on earth. In this thoughtful and challenging book, scientist Stephen Meyer summarizes and critiques current evolutionary theories and goes on to show that the evidence itself makes a strong case for intelligent design.

This book shows that the argument for intelligent design from DNA is not based on ignorance or a desire to “give up on science,” but instead upon just the opposite: our growing scientific knowledge of the inner workings of the cell and our knowledge of the cause-and-effect structure of the world. For this reason the argument for design can be formulated as a rigorous scientific argument. In fact, the argument for intelligent design from DNA is based on the same method of scientific reasoning that Darwin himself used.

624 pages (Soft Cover)


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