The Magic Garden



Author:  Gene Stratton Porter

At the age of five Amaryllis had been separated from her family by the ‘judge with the big knife’ – who had put her in one big house and her brother in another, while her selfish father and frivolous mother went their ways. But Amaryllis ran away to the magic garden. There she found John Guido, who played the violin to her while she danced in the moonlight. One happy hour, that was all ¬– and then she was brought back. But Amaryllis came again to the magic garden, and the bud of childhood friendship blossomed there into the flower of perfect love. There is happiness in THE MAGIC GARDEN, filled as it is with the glory of flowers and music; with laughter and tears, and with the inspiration of this best-loved writer, GENE STRATTON-PORTER.

181 pages

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