The Naked Truth: Reclaiming Sexual Freedom in a Culture of Lies



Author:  Cynthia Garrett

Millions of people who demanded mastery over their own bodies have been tragically duped.

Everywhere you look, sex and sexuality are redefined, manipulated, twisted, and maligned. Terrified of being labeled “intolerant,” Christians have been silent while the world has spoken loudly. Well no more! Cynthia Garrett will not be silent.

The sexual revolution offered us nothing but bondage. Feminism is an admittedly failed experiment. Yet we have always had the answer right under our noses.

Unlike any other book on purity, Garrett boldly tackles these difficult topics to teach you that purity in your mind, body, and soul is about understanding true sexual freedom.

The Naked Truth is that we will never be free until we share this message with each other, with our communities, and with our children. Because, if we are not speaking godly truth to this generation–ask yourself who is?

288 pages (Soft Cover)


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