Another awesome book for middle schoolers: My Friend Flicka

My rising 7th grader has been very busy reading! She loves horse stories, so this was a perfect fit for her. Check out her review below!

Book review

My Friend Flicka is a great book. I loved it because it demonstrated what you would sacrifice and how you would fight for someone you love. It shows determination, kindness, and friendship. It teaches you never to give up, even in the hardest of times. I would recommend it to all who love animals and want to learn more about horses. It doesn’t teach that much about horses, but it does teach a little.

Ken, the main character, lives on a horse ranch. His father owns it and he takes care of horses almost every day. Ken has wanted a filly (a baby horse) for the longest time. But his father never allowed him to have one because of his grades in school. For example, in one class he has a 17%, in an other, he had a zero. Ken would have to be held back unless he could write up an essay, proving that he could learn. His father wanted him to learn responsibility before he could have a horse. Ken never liked school, nor learning. His mother knew this and wanted him to learn responsibility in another way. So, she convinced Ken’s dad to give him a filly.

One day, Ken was laying out in the field, thinking about all the choices of fillies that could be his. Suddenly, Ken spots a beautiful filly galoping in the distance. He immediately knew that that was the horse he wanted. He somehow felt a connection between him and his new filly, Flicka. She was perfect for him. But she came from a long line of wild horses, and training her would take more than Ken ever imagined. But he never gave up. Through sickness and diseases, Ken was with Flicka through it all.

I love this book and I think that anyone else who reads it will love it too. Find out more about Ken and Flicka’s adventure in this book by reading it yourself. Watch and see how much Ken changes and grows stronger throughout this book. See how much love and friendship can affect us. So read it now, and I think you will absolutely love it too.

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