Book review for “A Greater Glory – from Pitch to Pulpit”

Here is our 16 year old’s book review on a recent book he read, “A Greater Glory.” I thought this was a perfect book for him since he’s literally obsessed with soccer. Turned out I was right. He loved it!

Book review

A Greater Glory” is an autobiography about the former soccer star turned commentator turned pastor, Gavin Peacock. The book is an amazing read which shows the power of having God on your side as you walk throughout life. Gavin shows how he went from being a man alone who lived for nothing but himself to a man who realized that a greater glory existed from living with and for God. Gavin’s incredible and inspiring journey through his career as a player shows that without God, it’s easy to get lost in the fame and passions that life as a superstar can get you. He also shows that with God, it’s easy to get lost in the love and providence that He will constantly show you and give to you.

As Gavin explains, God gives you the providence that you need throughout any walk of life that you may go on whether as a professional athlete or as a typical human living your life. I would recommend this book for everyone because it is a very entertaining read which highlights the ups and downs of a player’s journey throughout a professional soccer career at the highest level. It also shows the struggle and passions that a man has when he is searching for God in his life. 

My favorite part of the book is when Gavin had his first child. The reason that this is my favorite part of the book is because Gavin’s first son had a complicated birth in which he lost his arm in utero. Due to this, he would forever be disabled and unable to do the same things that Gavin and his wife could. Gavin’s first reaction to the problem is, as any parent would be, sadness. He was extremely hurt by what happened during the birth. However, through this sadness, Gavin becomes stronger in his walk with God trusting in the fact that God has a purpose and a plan for the child before him.

The reason that this is such a beautiful scene to me is because it shows in life, there will likely be much hurt and pain in life. We may feel like our lives are not going exactly the way we want them to. But we can know that through the highs and lows, the good times and the bad, the hard and the easy, God has His guiding hand over us. He is watching and protecting us in the way that He wants. Although Gavin didn’t want his son to be disabled for life, he understood that it is something that God wanted to happen for a reason.

This book all around goes over the highs and lows of a man who, at heart, is searching for a relationship with his Almighty Father. 

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