Book review for, “An Otters Story”

Here’s the latest book review, “An Otter’s Story,” by our almost 10 year old daughter. She reluctantly took on the task of reading ” An Otter’s Story” when I asked her to, but quickly realized she was really enjoying the book. Although the book was written in 1953, it’s a timeless classic that people of all ages enjoy!

Incidentally, this is one book that consistently gets ordered on MHM, so I wanted to be sure to share a little more about it through the eyes of our daughter! Check out her brief book review below!

Book review

The book I read was called “An Otters Story”. The book was about a young otter named Ottiga, and in the book his whole family was killed by trappers. So Ottiga was left on his own. After that, Ottiga found his mate (his wife). Her name was Beauty because Ottiga thought she was so pretty.

They had 4 baby otters together. Their names were, Blackhalk, a boy, Olaita, a girl, Tomah, a boy and finally Necedah, one more boy. They had so much fun all together and loved each other dearly.

I loved this book because I loved how they all stuck together no matter what. Also when one otter was hurt, all the other otters would try their best to help him or her.

The last chapter, the two otters, Tomah and Necedah were lost in a storm. Beauty, Ottiga, Blackhalk, and Olaita were very sad and missed them a lot. They thought the two young ones were dead but the two young ones were really alive. Tomah and Necedah found each other and were looking together for their family.

Several days later, they found their family! But they did not find Beauty and nobody new why except for Ottiga. He would mysteriously disappear for days or even a week at a time. Finally, Ottiga told them about why Beauty was gone. It was because Beauty had more babies! The siblings were so excited and they wanted to teach the 3 little babies how to walk and swim and catch food. But Ottiga and Beauty knew it was soon going to be the time that their kids would leave and go find their own families and live a happy life.

I hope you read the book! You’ll really enjoy it!

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