Book review for Crispin: The Cross of Lead

Here is another book review by our 12 year old daughter! I love how historical fiction can make history come alive, and this book does just that. She really enjoyed Crispin! I also loved that she was able to pick up important qualities of the two main characters portrayed in the book. Read on for her short summary!

Book review

Crispin and The Cross of Lead is a fun, adventures, exciting book. This book is about how a 14 year old boy named Crispin is accused of theft and murder. He is then made wolf’s head. Wolf’s head is when anyone can kill you on sight. Crispin is forced to flee his village and never return. He is wandering in the wilderness for days before a man named Bear finds him. Bear forces Crispin to stay with him, but he also is kind and teaches Crispin lots of things like how to play a flute. Bear knows what Crispin is accused of and still protects him.

From a biblical perspective, I think that Bear is like Jesus. He loves Crispin and shows him right from wrong. Like Jesus, he was tortured. He is also patient and compassionate. This shows how Bear exemplifies Jesus. Crispin, in my opinion, represents man or people. He was lead astray because of evil people. He faced hardships and was very hurt and confused. Bear (Jesus) showed him the light and was a father figure for Crispin.

I enjoyed this book because it was exciting, full of adventures, and was interesting. It was interesting because of the many twists and turns in the book. I also liked how Bear was like a father to Crispin. He always did everything in his power to help and protect Crispin. One time, when Bear was being tortured for Crispin’s location, he never told them where Crispin was. 

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