Break Every Chain socks are here!

“Break every chain” really resonates with so many. The thought has even inspired songs, such as “Break Every Chain“. But what exactly does that even mean? Are we supposed to break the chains or is Jesus or is someone else? In the song from above, it seems as if the writer is implying that the power to break these chains is in the name of Jesus. I wouldn’t disagree that the name of Jesus is powerful and that Jesus can break any and every chain, however, that verse in Isaiah has definitely been taken out of context assuming that’s what the song is referring to. According to Isaiah 58, God is talking to His people, Israel. He talks about how the people ask Him why He doesn’t answer their prayers, after they’ve fasted and humbled themselves. They’re essentially saying, “Hellooooo??? I’m doing all this stuff You told me to do, God! Why aren’t You listening to me??!” But the problem is that they are ignoring the basics, which include how they are supposed to be “breaking every chain” or in the original Hebrew, “yoke”:

Is this not the fast which I choose,

To loosen the bonds of wickedness,

To undo the bands of the yoke,

And to let the oppressed go free

And break every yoke?

Isaiah 58:6

First, what in the world is a yoke? For those of us with farming experience (or if not, google works well too!), we know that a yoke is that piece of wood that is attached to two cows or bulls so that they walk together, usually to work together. As you can imagine, generally, a yoke does not seem like a good thing to have. It can refer to anything that controls you or causes you to be led by something other than your own volition. Who wants that, right?

What’s fascinating, however, is that Jesus says in Matt 11:29-30, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

So what’s the difference between Isaiah’s chain or yoke and Jesus’s? The chains that Isaiah refers to are any kind of human rules or traditions that people feel as if they have to follow, whether or not they realize it. Anything or anyone’s commands are to be secondary at best, and at the extreme, ignored when placed next to Jesus’ yoke or authority.

Some of the worst chains that I have seen is human trafficking, which is why I designed the socks above and why 10% of all profits will be going to a local NJ human trafficking organization, Justice Network. There are many forms of human trafficking, but the most degrading and harmful would seem to be sex trafficking. I was watching a video by Exodus Cry the other night and I was so heartbroken by the reality of sex trafficking for so many broken image bearers of God. Sin is so entrenched in the culture of many around the globe to the point that families would rather sell their daughters to be trafficked than for them to work (i.e. the parents). I wish I was minimally exaggerating, but unfortunately, I’m not. The chains of sin run deep, and anything we can do to break the chains of ignorance and poverty with God’s Truth, we need to do, with grace, compassion, and above all, love. We break the yokes that bind us to sin and put on the yokes that bind us to freedom in Christ.

Of course, prayer is the first step in breaking chains. Prayer is so incredibly important and has been known to move some seriously huge mountains in many situations; however, we can’t just stop there. We are the ones called to break those chains.

I hope and pray that each of us chooses the yoke that Jesus offers. Let’s break the chains that so easily bind our own hearts away from Jesus, and let’s help break the chains that so easily bind others to sin which enslaves. Break every chain that binds us away from Christ, my friends. By doing so, we can love His people, whoever they are and wherever they are.

Who would have thought that by getting dressed in the morning and wearing a pair of socks we could have such a great reminder, with every step, that breaking chains is an awesome way to glorify God??

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