Even more books on the MHM booklist!

We have been tirelessly adding more books to our booklist, and are now at (drumroll please!) over 950 books! Please check out the additions!

Also please note – each book was carefully selected to have a biblical worldview and to communicate something good, beautiful and/or true. Each and every book does not share the gospel (although MANY in the booklist do!). However, since we know that ALL truth is GOD’s truth, we made sure that each book reflected this fact, whether or not the author was a Believer when writing their respective book(s).

Now although we’ve been “tirelessly” vetting and adding new books, we’re all actually extremely tired, so no full post this week. (:= We pray that all of you are enjoying the summer and the different pace and schedule that this generally means.

Again, remember to check out the additional selections and bless yourself, your family, and your friends with some awesome books for summer reading!


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  1. Carol 2 years ago

    Currently reading Song for a Whale with my granddaughter in Chicago area. We each have a copy and we have a meeting and read a few chapters together at a time. Thanks for recommending it.

    • Author
      Michelle Lazor 2 years ago

      That makes me so happy!! So glad you both are enjoying it! (:=

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