My Review on Reconciled, a bible study written by Monique Duson from the Center for Biblical Unity

I was so excited to see that the Center for Biblical Unity, founded by Monique Duson and Krista Bontrager, had a recommended resource, Reconciled, out for talking through one of the most polarizing and hot topics of our day – race and racial unity. This has been something very important to me to understand and talk through. I want to know since I’m not only a Believer, but because I am also a person of color (100% Boricua, aka Puerto Rican).

I also thought it was important to complete a study like this so that I was as prepared as possible to engage these topics from a biblical worldview with my children, as well as others seeking clarity about this often times confusing and controversial topic.

A great resource for Christians

Reconciled is an awesome resource for those of you who want to talk through the topic of race from a biblical worldview with a group of fellow believers. This is not a study to debate with people who are not professing Believers. The assumption is that if you’re doing the study, you are claiming Christ as Lord and Savior, and the Bible is the Word of God.

With that said, I thought this study was incredibly helpful to discuss this contentious topic. I loved how this study focused on the Word of God. It wasn’t about the latest philosophies or ideas being promoted by our society. Rather, it started, ended, and abided on God’s Word.

The perfect length

If anyone out there is like me (along with pretty much every person in my group), we’re all so busy. The beauty of this study is that there isn’t a lot of homework. The meat of it is discussed with the people in your group during your time together. There are also short videos with each lesson, of which there were a total of six. We all loved these videos, and enjoyed getting to hear directly from Monique Duson.

The curriculum is scheduled for the perfect length of time to get to know the people in your group. However, it is not so long that it takes several months to complete. As it was, it probably took us almost twice the number of weeks to get through the six meetings because of busy schedules!

Overall, a great study!

This study focused on several different topics within the overarching theme of race and racial unity, such as the ministry of reconciliation as well as the idea of church family, just to name a few. Monique Duson does an excellent job discussing these difficult, sensitive subjects with an even hand. And she remained grounded firmly on God’s Word.

If you would like to engage the people in your church family about race and racial unity, as well as prepare yourself to have these conversations with your children and those you care about, I couldn’t recommend highly enough this study.

Additionally, everyone should check out All the Things podcast (both Monique Duson and Krista Bontrager), The Offcode Podcast (Monique Duson), as well as Theology Mom podcast (Krista Bontrager). They are all great podcasts that cover culturally relevant subjects from a biblical worldview.

Both Krista Bontrager and Monique Duson are wonderful ladies. They love the LORD and are gifted in engaging these tough topics with grace, humility, and wisdom. I thank God for these resources and for these sisters in Christ. We may have different mothers, but praise God, we all have the same Father. Amen?

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