Who was Archimedes and why my 10 year old found him fascinating


Here’s another book review from my 10 year old! I asked her last week if she’d like to read about Archimedes (I knew these last few weeks I’d be extremely busy!), and although she was a little apprehensive, she went ahead and read the book. I’m happy to report that although she didn’t quite fully understand some of the book (at least she was honest, as you will see below!), she fully enjoyed the parts that she DID understand.

It makes sense that some of the inventions of Archimedes may escape the understanding and appreciation of some 10 year olds. However I would argue that despite this fact, it’s important to introduce our children to important people in history when they’re young. When we do that, they won’t be as intimidated to read about the person when they’re older and come across the name again in more complex literature.

I hope you enjoy our 10 year old’s review of Archimedes and the Door of Science:

This is an amazing book about a man who became a genius. One of the very few who ever lived! Although I didn’t understand the book fully, it was an amazing book to read. One of the cool things he did was move a HUGE ship – With only his hand! (And with the help of his machines). The king had a new boat, but he could not move it off of the land. So Archimedes said “I Can do it.” 

And the king just laughed. “My ship has three masts, and it is so big and heavy that so far the combined strength of all my slaves who work on the docks has not been enough to move it from that slip. Move that Archimedes.” 

Archimedes bowed. “I accept your challenge.” And he went away to work on the problem.

Soon after, Archimedes announces that he was ready. Everybody was there to see. There in the slip sat the great ship. It was heavy enough itself, but the king had added an additional load. It carried full freight , and many passengers besides. But Archimedes did not seem in the least bit troubled. He was busy with a series of ropes and wheels that ran from the ship to a helix that was fixed on the dock. The helix looked like a big screw with a handle on it. After Archimedes had checked the ropes and heels, he stood calmly, his fingers on the handle.

“Let me know when you are ready,” the king called anxiously. “Do you need more time? Would you like someone to help you? Or is this a joke?”

“I am ready now,” said Archimedes, smiling. He started turning the handle. The crowd laughed and shouted. Then, with a great gasp, they leaned forward to look more closely. The ship was moving! Archimedes was using only one hand, slowly turning the handle, drawing the cords around the helix. But still, that ship was moving! 

Archimedes’ machine had worked! And this is just one of his great inventions, and if you want to know more, read the book! Trust me, it is amazing to learn about Archimedes, and the things he did!

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