Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

The end of the year is always such a whirlwind of events. From cute littles singing their hearts out for a Christmas chapel, to basketball games, and band concerts, there’s just always something going on. And of course, there’s Christmas and before you know it, the New Year. It’s just all so crazy busy.

I’m still sort of in shock that it’s almost 2024 (it WILL be 2024 by the time this is posted!). Looking back over this year, so much has happened. We’ve even been blessed to add another child into our family! So many blessings. And of course, some tough things too. But overall, I think we can turn the page of the year 2023 knowing that the LORD still sits on His throne, that He is good, and that He is faithful. We may not always understand what in the world He’s doing, but we know we can trust Him.

Greater, the movie

The other night, our kids started watching Greater and I ended up rewatching the tail end of it. If you haven’t watched that movie, it’s an absolute must watch. Personally, I have a hard time liking a lot of Christian movies. If it’s not the oozing cheese levels, it’s the perfect endings that are completely unrealistic that drive me bonkers. It’s not that I’m bitter at God for having gone through some difficult and confusing situations. But it’s the fact that God has proven Himself good through those situations to which I still don’t understand (and that’s OK), that make me annoyed. Those stories are rarely told on the big screen.

And that’s what makes Greater one of the best Christian movies out there. It’s a true story that is essentially Rudy (another great movie) on steroids, and the main character, Brandon Burlsworth, happens to love the LORD. It is such a beautiful story. It’s messy and heartbreaking and again, just beautiful.


The end is so rough. I had seen the movie before, and it wasn’t any easier for me to see the second time through. I tend to cry easily (just ask my kids!), but for this, I was ugly crying. Just noisy crying with tears streaming down my face. This was especially true when Burlsworth’s brother is being tormented with what I’m assuming is the devil in the form of a cranky old man right before Brandon’s funeral. He’s on the football field looking out to where there are a ton of flowers scattered across the middle of the field. But that cranky old man kept saying hateful things about God and asking why did God let this happen? Brandon was such a good kid! This was so unfair! Why did God allow Brandon to work so hard, and achieve so much, for nothing!

It all seemed so true.


He finally demands that the old man leave, but he dejectedly goes up the stairs sort of towards where the funeral is going on, but he just can’t quite make it. His mother comes along, looks out over the field and remarks, “Oh look what they’ve done! Isn’t it beautiful?” Brandon’s brother is just so grief stricken he doesn’t say anything and continues to just stare off into nothingness. The confusion, pain, and suffering is so acute, it’s heartbreaking.

However, the mom proceeds to talk to her son, and tells him that essentially we just may not have the perspective to always understand why things work out the way they do. She leaves for the funeral and he sits there for a minute, just thinking. He then starts to get up and notices the field. He smiles and then runs towards where the funeral is being held.

On that field, the flowers were set up to spell out, “WE TRUST.” He couldn’t see it from the field since he didn’t have the right perspective. But from higher up, he could see.

Here’s to 2024

Despite the inevitable confusion and hurts and disappointments that we face by living in this fallen world, I hope we can all say, “We trust.” It’s the hardest thing to do sometimes. But it’s the best thing we can do. Especially when we think about 2024.

This coming year is sure to have its ups and downs, and probably a few sideways trips. But as Paul so concisely articulated around 2,000 years ago, “I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength.” We really can face the unknown and have peace because we can trust the LORD. He is good. He is worthy.

So even though we will certainly need to be reminded that we really can trust Him, here’s to a wonderful 2024 walking with the LORD! We pray here at MHM that you have a phenomenal year! He is worthy to be praised! He is worthy to be trusted.

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