Update on baby and Book Review for “What’s the Big Deal?”

So great news! I’m not pregnant anymore and we have a beautiful baby girl! God’s timing really is perfect and He is so good. Our family is so thankful for this latest addition – actually, a little TOO thankful. (:= Everyone wants to hold her and she inevitably gets passed around every 15 minutes to “keep it fair.” Unless of course, she’s crying. They still want to hold her, but she inevitably gets passed to me. Luckily she’s very cute! Haha! The LORD knows what He’s doing, to be sure!

Thankfully, our 12 year old daughter read and reviewed What’s the Big Deal? this past week, so I get a little break from posting. This book is a great way to engage some potentially awkward questions that need to be talked through. It’s funny how you assume your children have certain questions, and then they ask you something from left field! But either way, if we don’t speak to our kids about sex, the world will. And the world could care less about God’s Word and a biblical worldview on sex. These series of books are a wonderful way to share with your kids about “God’s Design for Sex,” so that topics don’t become taboo, and your kids can feel comfortable (or as comfortable as possible!) talking about babies, sex, gender, etc.

So please check out this latest review!

Book Review – What’s the Big Deal?

What’s the Big Deal? is an excellent book because it answers questions that kids might not understand. Kids might not feel comfortable or want to ask their parents questions. This book answers questions that kids might not have even thought of, but need to know. It prepares them for the world and how to defend Christian beliefs. It tells them what God’s design for sex is and how to use it. It has discussion questions after every chapter that you could ask kids, or that kids can think about on their own.

It also brings up other topics like homosexuality and abortion. For example, it talks about how abortion is wrong. The baby in your womb is not part of your body; it is in your body, but the baby’s body is its own. So many teenagers get pregnant and have abortions. Sometimes, it’s not even that they aren’t ‘old enough’. Sometimes, it’s just that the baby might have medical problems and they don’t want the baby to suffer. But it’s still wrong. It’s better for the baby to live for the day than for other people to be potentially hurting themselves.

Overall, this is just some of the great things that this book talks about. If kids don’t know the answers to their questions, then they will most likely ask their friends. Their friends might not give an answer that is right, but if your child didn’t know the answer in the first place, they might believe it. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to just talk to your child, or give them something as a general guideline for them. If you want your kid to learn about God’s design for sex, this is a great place to start. 

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