Will we trust Him in the blessing?

It’s funny how your perspective changes when you’re actually going through something yourself. You realize many of the stereotypes you once believed are not accurate. I know I would have thought having ten children would make any mom a “Mom goddess” of some kind. Some all knowing Mom that could pop children out on demand, and be able to take on another baby with ease.

Newsflash – that’s not exactly how it is.

I’m exhausted. Overnights are rough to say the least. I still haven’t figured out if I prefer sleep over a quiet morning, but at this point, it’s a “pick your poison” kind of deal. Not that I really have a choice – our baby either sleeps or doesn’t, depending on whatever she feels like doing. Currently she sleeps great in the morning; not so great over night.

And then there’s this general fact that life goes on. Meals need to be made, bathrooms cleaned, kids shuttled from here to there for starters. Thank God for Google Calendar!

I guess I can say one thing I know is objectively true – life doesn’t take a break just because you’ve had a baby.

Reality check

The other day, I was lamenting my lack of sleep and just praying for patience when I heard some incredible news – our friends just found out they were having a baby! They had been trying for years, and finally, after a round of IVF, they found out they were pregnant. Just 8 weeks, but it’s a viable little life that has been fervently prayed for.

And shortly after hearing this great news, it hit me. Who in the world am I to complain about this blessing, with or without sleep? I can only imagine how much our friends would absolutely love to be woken up at night to the sound of a crying baby. How they would be so thankful to have diapers to change and extra laundry to do.

What exactly is a blessing?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of a blessing is: a thing conducive to happiness or welfare. I think especially in our contemporary culture, blessings are perceived as making our lives easier or more comfortable and cost us nothing. However, that’s not at all how a blessing is defined or described in Scripture. Blessings from God often times cost us something. We are blessed to have a baby, even though they are HARD, especially when they’re just a couple weeks old. God has blessed us with salvation in Christ. But it will inevitably cost us something – whether that’s relationships or a job or popularity or something in between.

Blessings are good and beautiful gifts the LORD gives us, which cause us to grow and give us joy. It’s also important to keep in mind that “every good and perfect gift comes from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows,” (James 1:17). Again, all of His gifts are good.

And we are called to steward each and every blessing we receive in a way that glorifies God. That’s clearly not always easy, if ever. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the LORD blesses us in a multitude of ways, whether or not we realize it or agree it’s good.

Bible and book examples

How many examples of this do we have in God’s Word? Well, when you think about it, there are many! Joseph was blessed to be second in command in Egypt, but wow! Not only was there so much that needed to happen to Joseph to prepare him for that blessing, but once he received it, there was MUCH that needed to be done. Scripture is clear that Joseph had to organize where all the grain was going, and how much to charge for it and how to feed the people once the famine hit. That doesn’t sound like much fun, but still – a blessing. Or what about Noah – blessed with building an ark and surviving the flood, but can you imagine the build up and years and years of work?

Additionally, a great New Testament example is Paul. He was one of the great apostles. However, that blessing included beatings, shipwrecks, and frequent stops in jails.

As for a character in a book that exemplifies this, I’d have to say Jean ValJean in Les Miserables. This is one of my very favorite books. One way Jean ValJean was blessed was by the incredible grace bestowed on him via the priest who essentially purchased his soul with a few candlesticks.

For those unfamiliar with the story, initially ValJean stole those candlesticks from a priest, and was going to sell them for cash. But he was caught by the police shortly after he had stolen them. He was then brought to face the priest whom he had stolen the candlesticks. Unbelievably, the priest told the police he had given them to ValJean, even though that never happened.

I guess you can say that the priest blessed ValJean by buying back his freedom and giving him grace. But that blessing broke ValJean. He had never experienced such grace. He had no idea what to do. So ValJean spent the rest of his life dedicated to bringing God glory (and that priest honor) by how he lived His life. Not an easy, self gratifying task, right? But a blessing nonetheless.

So so blessed

My point is that yes, I’m tired. I would love it if this precious baby girl would sleep for a few hours without needing to be held at night. But I am so incredibly blessed. God has blessed each and every one of us in different ways. It’s up to us if we will trust Him in the blessing when it gets hard.

LORD, I pray that we are open handed with the gifts You deem fit to give us. Help us to accept whatever it is You have planned for us, and being content no matter the circumstances. Help us to joyfully accept the way You choose to bless us, and help us align ourselves with Your Word as we walk forward in how You’ve gifted our lives with Your blessings.

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