Book Review for the first book in the The Green Ember series!

The Green Ember is a very popular book for children, and is the first in a series of a total of four books (Ember Falls, Ember Rising, Ember’s End). I had heard a lot about them, so I offered the first book to our 10 year old daughter. She really loved it! She’s on the third book now, and I’m sure she’ll finish up the series shortly.

If you haven’t heard about The Green Ember series, I’d highly recommend you check it out! These would be great summer reading books for elementary or middle school aged children!

And here’s our daughter’s review:

I really like this book because, it does not use people. Instead, it uses bunnies, wolves, and birds of prey!

The first two chapters were interesting. The first chapter starts off that one day, the two main characters that were bunnies, Heather and Picket, were playing a game. Their game was called Starseek. Starseek is a game where Heather put two sticks together to make an ‘x.’ Then she wrapped the sticks together using a ribbon. After that, one of them would throw the ‘x,’ and they would race each other to see who would get the ‘x’ first.

Heather threw the ‘x’ into a tree that they were not allowed to go past. To make things worse, there was a thunder storm coming in! Heather said it would be a good idea to get the x than hurry home. Picket agreed. When they were climbing up the tree, lightning struck and Picket fainted. Heather was so scared. She jumped on her brother so they both rolled down a hill. She was really scared until her father came and carried Picket to their house. Heather followed closely behind.

The wolves and birds of prey are a big part of the story, too. They are who the bunnies fight because they’re enemies. Also the bunnies want the land the wolves and birds of prey live in. There is so much action between the bunnies, wolves, and birds of prey. The only thing is that the wolves and the birds of prey work together against the bunnies.

Another part I liked in this book is the part when they first met Smalls and their uncle Wilfred. They soon became their close friends. At first, Picket did not like Smalls because he was stronger than Picket at the time. But after a while, they became closer and closer until they were the best of friends.

I really like this book for three main reasons: one, because like I said, they use animals instead of people. Two, because almost all the chapters have cliff hangers. And three, because once you start the book you can’t put it down! There’s so much action!

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