Updates to MHM, and seriously? It’s summer already?!

Updates to MHM

I’m so excited to share with you all the updates we’ve made to MHM! Emma Holmes (her email is emma@chariotsforhope.org), an incredible marketing genius who would be an amazing asset to anyone who needs some direction, was an integral part of the process. I highly recommend her!

The landing page is similar as you’ll be able to see, but we’ve updated the top menu bar as well as simplified the search through our awesome curated list of books. Please check it out!! We’d love to get some feedback to let us know what you like or what you’d prefer to be different.

We’re always trying to improve what we offer to our families, so as always, if you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

Oh my word, it’s June

On a different note, can you believe it’s June? I honestly think May shrunk to the equivalent of a day. I have no idea how that happened. Our family has already had one graduation (from College) and we’re looking forward to another (from High School). It’s all so bittersweet. We’re excited to celebrate the accomplishments of our children and can’t wait to see where the LORD will lead them in their future.

But of course, this mama’s heart does NOT want to let go. Pray for me! (:=

Let’s plan to read!

However, by God’s grace, we have summer to look forward to! Summer is such a wonderful time of year! Schedules are loosened up and the great outdoors beckons. A great way to enjoy the weather and beauty of nature is to read outdoors! Some of our kids love to read in hammocks, others on the trampoline, and still others outside on the covered porch while it’s raining. But however it’s done, be sure to set the precedent early! Summer is one of those seasons that has long days, but short months. Before you know it, our kids will be back to school and starting back to sports/music/art madness.

But while we have these blessings at home or while we may have a little extra time, be sure get some great books in the cue! Plus 10% off your first purchase this summer! You can have some fun with titles, and just search “summer” or click HERE. Or you can just SHOP and check out all of our books – now over 2,100!! We’ve recently added over 200 titles, so if you haven’t browsed recently, you definitely need to!

I pray you all have a wonderful summer, and that we all leave room for fun spontaneous adventures while also scheduling in reading time with some good, beautiful, and true books.

And don’t you dare blink.

Summer book sale!

$5 off

First purchase

Use the coupon code: SUMMER

Just a small sampling of a few of our new titles!


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