The latest pejorative: Multicultural white supremacist

Here we go again – 2021

2021 seems to be following right along with 2020’s insanity. 2020 had its labels just like any other year, wouldn’t you agree? We, unfortunately, tend to pigeonhole those we can’t quite figure out, or who we don’t quite agree with. The pejoratives are unbelievable though, and according to the mainstream media (MSM), they’re only to be stuck on those whose voices do not follow the narrative. Racist seems to be the favorite label used. But what to call those minorities who are not obediently fitting into the box? We can’t be labeled racist, since, by Liberals’ own admission, a person of color can’t be racist. So, “racist” won’t work. But not to worry! Another label has been whipped into existence: Multicultural white supremacist.

You’ve got to be kidding me

Honestly, when I first heard that phrase, I just had to laugh. I mean, seriously? They called Candace Owens a black white supremacist. But not to leave any of the brown people out, they needed a more inclusive term. How thoughtful of MSM! Now all the bases are covered. No one is left out of the insults. If you are not on the right side of history according to the definition set by MSM, then you are one of the deplorables, no matter your skin color.

Just, wow.

Black and Blurred

I was recently listening to the Black and Blurred podcast when they were interviewing one of my very favorite Christian leaders, Monique Duson from The Center for Biblical Unity. They said something that I hadn’t been able to put into words, but they verbalized it perfectly. Essentially, those of us who have left the progressive, liberal movement are assumed to have been hoodwinked by the evil white man into becoming a nasty Conservative Christian, a deplorable, and/or a multicultural white supremacist. The thought of someone brown like me carefully thinking through the decision based on Scripture, facts, and personal experiences is unfathomable.

The story of how not only Monique but the two men who host the podcast moved away from what is fundamentally the everyday version of Critical Race Theory (CRT) very much resonated with my own personal story. Conversations that used to be hushed and spoken only around other people of color were now being said aloud, for all to hear. Conversations such as, “The playing fields are not level.” Or, “…that person got the job only because they’re white.” Also, “They don’t like us because we’re Latino.” And the crazy part is that now those with less melanin hang their head in shame, being made to feel guilty for the audacity of being white, obviously the oppressor in this world of oppressors and oppressed. And they had no idea.

Me too. But God…

I thought this way for a very long time. Too long. The LORD did not just slap me on the head and POOF! I rejected all things CRT. It took a long time for many stereotypes to be refuted. My heart needed to be humbled by the Word of God, and my sense of entitlement needed to be dismantled. It was all Jesus. Full stop. Praise His name.

Now what?

I’ve thought a lot about the predicament we find ourselves in – how do we as a society fix the many seemingly insurmountable problems we face? There are a few people here and there that are officially “awake” as opposed to “woke.” Even non-Christians such as James Lindsay and Tom McDonald are awake. There seem to be people who are realizing this all seems to be an exaggerated reaction to racism (which we can never be truly free of because there’s this thing called sin) as well as a divisive ideology that will destroy not only the Church but our country. It’s taking too much time though. If we continue on at this pace, there won’t be a Church or a country left to save.

Just like I needed Christ to have a different perspective, our only hope is Jesus. He is the only One Who can fix this mess we find ourselves in. And as the Church, we need to courageously stand on Biblical Truth, not mainstream cultural narratives. We need to study Ephesians 2. The entire chapter, over and over again. There is now no distinction between people with lots of melanin and a little melanin and everything in between. Before Jesus, the only cultural distinction was between Jew and Gentile. Most of us would be in the latter group. But now, it doesn’t matter which group you belonged to. Now, we are all one through the blood of Christ.


Those of us with some color on our skin who don’t follow the narrative are not multicultural white supremacists. I prefer multicultural Jesus followers, and that includes my melanin deprived brothers and sisters in Christ. Our differences can be a beautiful thing, but most importantly, our unity under our common identity in Christ brings Him glory and honor. And that is awesome.

To be incredibly clear (I’ve written about this several times): this foundational principle has absolutely zero to do with political affiliation. This has everything to do with biblical affiliation. In the Body of Christ, we are one. We have already been reconciled by Christ. There is no Jew or Greek, black or white, woman or man. We are Jesus followers because He first loved us. Not by our own works or skin tone, but by His blood alone.

And so we follow Him. Not according to how our hearts lead, but by the Truth of Scripture. We should never be led by our hearts, but we lead them as we set our minds focused on the written Word of God.

Amen, my fellow deplorables? Let’s not worry about being on the right side of history. Let’s be on the right side of eternity.

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