Book review for Saving My Assassin

I first heard about Virginia Prodan who wrote Saving My Assassin on the Eric Metaxas podcast (side note – if you don’t listen to him, you need to!!). I couldn’t believe her story was actually true. Honestly, I just didn’t understand how it was possible on so many levels. So I knew some day, I’d have to read this woman’s book. Finally, that day came!

Prodan’s childhood

She starts off the book talking about her childhood, and how she eventually became a lawyer. She initially tells a story about the persecution of a neighbor, which foreshadows what was to become more common place in Romania and Prodan’s own life.

Overall, it’s quite interesting how her life shook out, considering how she was treated when she was young. Her mother, Elena, or who she assumed was her mother, treated her poorly (to put it mildly). Prodan never spoke of physical abuse, but there seemed to be plenty of emotional and psychological abuse. She was never treated the same as her other siblings, and she stood out like a sore thumb, with her red hair and freckles. Only much later, did she find out who her biological mother was (clearly not the woman who raised her).

Luckily for Prodan, her biological mother ended up hosting her as she studied and went to college, and later, law school. She grew up thinking her biological mother was her aunt, Cassandra. So although she technically always knew her mother, she didn’t realize until well into adulthood that she was in fact not her aunt, but her biological mother.

A difficult start

It’s important to understand Prodan’s early life to explain how Prodan did not live a charmed life. She wasn’t really loved until she was grown and living with Cassandra ( her biological mother). Even in that situation, she was made to live poorly because of the influence of Elena. She forced her out of the house she was living in with Cassandra and into a dorm. Elena also later took away all the clothes she had been given except for a few items to go to school with. However, the LORD was always there, walking with and protecting Prodan. She eventually successfully graduated law school.

But God!

Prodan later becomes a Believer because she persisted on seeking after Truth. What led her to love law, pointed her to the Creator and Giver of the Law and all Truth. The LORD provided someone who led her to Christ. This man, Nestor, needed her legal help. But little did he know, he would be the one providing her help. He brought her to church, and she quickly accepted God’s Word as Truth.

Shortly after this, she started defending Christians who were being persecuted by the government. It was sobering to read about innocent people who were accused of breaking the law. Unfortunately, some later died from the stress and situation they were thrust in. It forced me to wonder if my own faith could withstand such attacks. It is heartbreaking to hear about what other Believers around the world have had to go through because of their faith in Christ. Simply owning a Bible could put you behind bars.

Trials and tribulations

Since Prodan had been able to successfully defend several Christians, the eyes of the government began to focus on her. Thankfully, she was also watched carefully by other people around the world, including The Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, as well as people who worked in the American Embassy in Romania. Because of the watching world (and more specifically the wealthy American government whom Romania wanted to do business with), when the Romanian government decided to put her under house arrest, they dared not openly harm her or her daughters. Although the solitary confinement was terrible, they were not physically harmed.

However, a few months after the confinement, the Romanian government wanted to be done with Prodan. So they sent an assassin to her office, pretending to need her legal expertise. It was late, so her secretary had left for the day. Prodan naively invited the man into her office, and he proceeded to tell her he had been sent to kill her. Unbelievably, although terrified, Prodan was able to articulate the gospel to this wicked, lost man. By God’s grace, he left broken and repentant. Against all odds, Prodan was left alive.

Freedom and continued hope

Shortly after this incident, Prodan and her family were allowed refugee status into the United States and moved to Texas. She continues to practice law, and stand for the persecuted and marginalized.

In a beautiful testimony of the power of God, years after the attempted assassination attempt, that same man again came into Prodan’s office. Prodan didn’t initially recognize the man who had tried to kill her so many years earlier. But there he was, sharing that he not only embraced Prodan’s faith, he had become a pastor.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Only God!

This book was such a great reminder of that. Only God can turn a sinner away from their sin and depravity. Only God can orchestrate circumstances that can only be attributed to a Holy, Good God. Praise God for His unmerited, incredible mercy. LORD, help us to trust You more and walk faithfully before You. All for our ultimate good and to bring You glory.


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