A few new books and a new MHM “Faves” page!

“A few of our faves!”

We’ve been trying to think of ways to incorporate not only new books into the MHM booklist, but keep in the mix the older and equally awesome selections as well! It’s easy to get lost in all the titles, especially when there are so many to choose from. So we created a new page, called “A few of our faves!” It includes several of MHM’s favorite books for all ages, as well as for specific subjects, such as books on the current cultural climate and books on having a Biblical Worldview. Definitely check it out!

New authors!

We’ve also recently added a few titles from new authors that are worth highlighting! One book is from an author we’ve had since the beginning of MHM, however, her sequel never officially made it into the booklist! So we’re adding it now.

Kim Burres has authored two children’s books called, “I love you and I like you” as well as “I love you and I like you still.” She is a fellow big mama, with 7 children in her beautiful brood. These rhyming books are engaging and sweet! Essentially this series of books are stories between a mother and her son, with the first book when he’s younger. Our kids love them!

Another great book we’ve found is “Growing Goodness in Momma’s Garden,” by Jodi Berndt. I thought it was so creative how Berndt was able to incorporate such simple life lessons into the various aspects of gardening. Personally, I’m not a gardener, but my husband is! Obviously, I shared with him this book! He loved how throughout the story, the consistent repetition of an act of gardening paired with a character trait they were “growing” was great, especially for elementary aged children (can you tell he’s been in education for a while?).

Finally, we also added a book by D.L. Stark, called The Tale of the Woodswalker. I love this description: “Discover that there is always divine hope and a God-given weapon to bring rescue, even to the disobedient. Do we dare to believe God could so love us, that He forgives and even sends ministering spirits to save us? The Tale of the Woodswalker touches on God’s kindness, mercy, the weapon of prayer and the reality of angels. Christian readers will be encouraged.”

So much variety and selections!

I’m excited for these most recent additions to our booklist! And keep in mind that since this past December, we’ve additionally added well over 300 books!! So if you haven’t checked out the booklist lately, hop on and take a look!

It is such a blessing to have not only interesting, fun books to read, but also books that point us to what is good, beautiful, and true from a Biblical Worldview. Check them out, as well as the rest of our booklist!

On a side note, we’re always looking for new books to put on our list! If there are other titles you think would be a good fit, please let us know! Email michelle@mudhenmama.com.


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  1. Lara Stark 1 year ago

    Dear Michelle,
    Thank you so much! I dearly appreciate you, and for your post:) God bless!

    • Author
      Michelle Lazor 1 year ago

      Absolutely! Excited to have your book on the MHM booklist!!

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