What’s the cure to blame-shift culture?

There are so many things to trip us up out there. And the crazy thing is, whenever we may trip or fall or generally screw up, there conveniently is always someone else to blame. Always.

Take, for example, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I heard Albert Mohler (on his podcast, The Briefing) talk about the fact that after a week of being opened, the school had to be closed. Why? Because of the dreaded ‘Rona. Apparently several students contracted it because of “irresponsible behavior” (i.e. crowded parties). The school had bent over backwards and forwards again to get that school open while abiding by all the state regulations in order to hold in-person classes. Remember those that were demanding that the school be open were, for the most part, the same students who were out there partying it up. Even still, the students went ahead and decided they wanted to do what kids their age do. And because of their choices, the school ended up ultimately closing for the semester and going back online.

But here’s the kicker. Who do you think should be responsible for this extremely frustrating incident? You’d think it was the students. But no, the students blamed the administration for actually believing that a bunch of 18 – 24 year olds would be responsible enough to not be insanely irresponsible when they all got together. According to “Anna Pagarsic, a senior at UNC and the editor-in-chief of the student newspaper said, ‘If the success of your plan relies on 18- to 24-year-olds being responsible, then maybe it’s not a very good plan'” (Albert Mohler, The Briefing, Tuesday, Sept 1, 2020). I mean, come on! They are KIDS! How dumb can the administration be? Right?

So I have a question. When did it become OK to have such a low bar set for the level of maturity and responsibility for our children and young adults? This isn’t even about whether or not we agree with masks or social distancing or whatever. That’s not the point. The point is, are we obeying those who should have authority over us, specifically when we choose to go to a specific, say college, that has specific guidelines that we are called to abide by? If we don’t want to abide by the rules, we can choose not to go to the school. But if we choose to go to the school, shouldn’t we submit to the authorities, whether or not we want to? Whether or not we understand? And beyond that, when did it become OK to blame shift and point the finger at those holding us accountable? Pretty amazing if you ask me.

And this sentiment is everywhere. For example, it’s hard for me to understand how a proven criminal could be heralded as a martyr recently, but it actually happened. Boggles my mind. Even when you defy the authorities (be it in the form of school administrators or police officers) and completely disregard their instructions, it just doesn’t matter. Still, someone else’s fault. Wow. Seems like a repeated theme, wouldn’t you say?

But you know what the “cure” is to this problem? We need to understand that the problem can’t be seen in only those irresponsible and disobedient people. It’s in us. It’s in ME. We all need to repent (one reason why we designed the Repenter sock!). Repent of the sin of irresponsibility, which can be seen in blame-shifting or keeping quiet about sin when we need to say something. Repenting of wanting to please others or even ourselves rather than our LORD Jesus Christ. I truly believe our nation is being severely chastised right now for not holding the line as we should have. For compromising. For acquiescing. For looking more like the world than like God’s people.

I appreciated so much how the Sword and the Trowel podcasters suggested we need to deal with our current predicament. We could go about it just as all the crazies are going about it. Just like an angry parent that has been transgressed, who has no self-control and abuses their child. It’s so easy to do, and we can even justify it in our minds, especially in the moment. We could be angry and vengeful, unleashing a vindictive spirit as we seek to quell all of the violence and rioting. Or, we can seek to correct and hold accountable those who are causing all of the unrest. We can act with justice while still seeking repentance, reconciliation, and restoration.

Mind you, I know this is not possible in and of ourselves. When I see the devastation and the out of control hatred, anger, and destruction of people’s lives and/or livelihoods, my own knee jerk reaction is to do the same right back, and maybe even more. How dare they? Don’t they see the suffering they are causing? The fear they are instilling? How incredibly foolish and selfish. And then I’m reminded of who I am. I’m reminded that I am just as much of a sinner as they are. As we all are. I’m reminded that were it not for Christ, maybe I’d be right beside the violent protestors, anger and hatred dripping off of my own tongue. But God. He turned me towards Him and gave me hope. He offered me forgiveness and I knelt in repentance with the power of His Spirit. Out of sober wisdom, we should recognize we are no better. And out of compassion, we need to speak the Truth of how we are going to be judged one day by the LORD of the Universe and we are all guilty as charged if not for those who repent and call on Christ as their LORD and Savior.

Out of love and out of justice, we need to help change the course that this country is currently set on. Who’s up for the challenge and privilege of sharing the truth of God’s Word, the hope we have in Christ, and the blessing of repentance?

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