How are National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month and March for Life linked?

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It seems as if we celebrate everything and anything at one point or another on the calendar. Did you know we celebrate mustaches in March (no I’m not kidding)?? Or Mathematics Awareness Month in April? Who knew we needed to be reminded that Math exists? Craziness. This past month, though, there was a much more serious reason why we were celebrating or better said, what we were shedding light on. As I’ve mentioned in a couple of my FB posts, we recognized National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention in January. It’s such an awesome thing that more awareness of this problem has been brought to light. The more people that know that the problem exists, the better. When we’re not aware there’s a problem… well, that in and of itself is the biggest hurdle to overcome. We need to know there’s a problem so we can figure out how to solve it. So bravo, President Trump, for providing the opportunity to talk more about Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery. It’s really happening. It’s really awful. And it’s really everywhere, even in the United States.

But a very related issue to Human Trafficking is Abortion, which is what March for Life was all about. This solidarity march happened a couple of weeks ago on January 24. And how exactly are these two blights related? Something that many people don’t think about is that rapists and/or sex traffickers love abortion (on a side note, specifically sex trafficking is the most prevalent form of human trafficking within the United States). Why, you may ask? Because they can continue to abuse girls/women and cover their tracks with access to abortion. There have been many undercover videos exposing abortion clinics that ignore cases of young girls/women who repeatedly come in to get abortions under very suspicious circumstances. The abortion clinics really don’t care. It all comes down to money. More abortions mean more money for those clinics. Besides the fact that abortion is murdering another human being, human trafficking continues to be supported and allowed to further abuse those who are most marginalized and vulnerable.

How ironic that both events are in the same month? But it’s a great way to highlight the ties between the two. I can’t think of anyone who would publicly support Human Trafficking, but I know of a heck of a lot of people who support abortion. But the problem is that since they are so intertwined as I’ve explained above, if you support one, you inadvertently support the other. And that’s the rub. The rub that no one wants to acknowledge.

If we can not imagine turning a blind eye to a hurting person on the streets, we can not turn a blind eye to the pre-born human in the womb of a woman. Whether that hurting person is in Bangladesh, NYC, or in the womb, whoever is in the position to help or protect them, should.

I know that for a long time I believed that since I was/am a stay at home mom, there is little that someone like me can do. But now I realize that is 100% not the case. Of course, an easy but often overlooked thing to do is pray. Pray for those held in slavery, whatever that bondage may look like. And pray that we can be sensitive to help, especially within our own communities. Prayer is powerful. So let’s use it for God’s glory and our community’s good.

Another important thing we can do is love our families and educate our children. According to Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice, “While there isn’t one face of a human trafficking victim, certain populations are more vulnerable, including runaway and homeless youth…” When children are loved and cherished at home, there is no reason for them to run away. So we can stop the problem before it even starts.

We can talk about the dangers and pitfalls of pornography to our children and friends (awkward, but a necessary conversation since it’s very much linked to sex trafficking).

We can find out who is making the products we purchase. Who is being supported? Why should we pay more? What is more valuable and why?

Also, support legislation that helps protect the most vulnerable, in and out of the womb! These are just a few suggestions, and obviously not an exhaustive list!

The point is that every little bit helps. Every prayer. Every conversation. Every dollar spent. Every minute teaching our children what true, biblical love and compassion look like is more precious than we can imagine.

That’s what Mud Hen Mama is all about. Affirming biblical convictions, including protecting the most vulnerable in our society, the pre-born and modern-day slaves. Socks are simply something you wear on your feet, but MHM statement socks make bold, biblically affirming statements that hold true to your convictions, as well as make a positive impact on organizations associated with that conviction. Check out the No More Slavery and the Let Life Win designs! In the culture and time that we live in, where deep, traditional beliefs are being marginalized and ignored at best, it’s nice to have a reminder that we can all walk boldly in our convictions, together on this, wouldn’t you say?

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