Why did this Texas HS valedictorian speech go viral?

I’m sure that by now, many of you have heard about the Texas High School valedictorian, Paxton Smith. She caused quite the stir when she decided to change her speech at the last minute. Pulling her unapproved speech out from her bra, she delivered the alternate remarks to her graduating class.

So what’s the big deal?

And what were those inspirational words that she communicated to her graduating class? She wanted to encourage her fellow graduates to make their voices heard. OK, good so far. And because of the recent events in her state, she felt it was most important to make her voice heard about how millions of women are being affected by the legislation just passed by Governor Abbott called the heartbeat law. The law prohibits a woman from aborting her child if doctors can detect a heartbeat. And she was terrified how this could possibly affect her in the future.

My word. What in the world?

She went so far as to infer that the law is dehumanizing since it takes away a woman’s bodily autonomy. Smith has ambitions and hopes and dreams. By this logic, babies destroy all of these things.

Accolades from the elites

Not only did her adoring parents approve of the maverick speech, but even Hillary Clinton chimed in with her approval. Clinton noted how it takes courage to fornicate with no limits, and kill off any fruit of your irresponsible actions. Delete, erase, and/or purge any incriminating evidence. Something to that effect.

Clinton was not the only high-profile figure to applaud her. The moderators for The View also gave this graduate a virtual standing ovation for having the moxie to have her “mic drop moment.” Who knew it takes so much courage to say the exact same talking points that the mainstream media and culture have been spewing for years now?

The most ironic part of the accolades given by the hosts was by Joy Behar. One moment, she’s high-fiving the pro-death words of Smith. The next minute, she’s telling pro-lifers to vote Democrat since abortions are less when Democratic Presidents are in office. So which one is it? Do we want more abortions or fewer? Does the culture want to have unlimited, unrestrained access to abortion or have limitations to killing babies?

What is going on?

It is shameful to think that many of the best and brightest graduates from high school are completely oblivious to their own narcissism and complete disregard of any semblance of morality. This young woman doesn’t even contemplate having the self-control to refrain from having sex which is the cause of a pregnancy. If she doesn’t want babies so incredibly much, then she shouldn’t have sex. But that just won’t work for her. Instead, the ‘responsible decision’ she makes is using contraceptives. The only problem she sees is: what if those contraceptives don’t work? Then what? What of all her potential? Her ambitions? How in the world could she be expected to give any of that up for something as insignificant as (LORD help us) an unexpected and unwanted baby?

Someone needs to let this girl know something. You know what works even better than contraceptives? Try abstinence. If her career and aspirations are that important, then she should guard herself from having to take on the responsibility of a child. But no. It’s all about self-autonomy, personal ambitions, and self-gratification whenever we want it.

These young woman should be called “Me First” females.

Heartbeat law

The Texas heartbeat law has zero to do with a woman’s bodily autonomy. This has everything to do with everyone having bodily autonomy, including babies. We clearly need better, more honest biology classes in high schools. A baby in the womb is not an appendage or a tumor to be removed from a woman’s body. A pre-born baby is its own person, who deserves to be protected, just as their mother’s body should also be protected.

Equal rights. Amen?

We need to pray for these Me First women. They desperately need to understand that the world does not and will not ever revolve around them. Obviously, not all women are called to be mothers or to be married. However we are all called to respect and honor our bodies enough so that we lead our bodies rather than be led by them. And if something happens and there is an unexpected pregnancy, I pray that instead of seeing that little person as a horrible impediment to our success in life, that all people can minimally respect the separate and very equal person that happens to be temporarily residing in that woman’s womb.

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