What’s it mean to be blessed?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly is a blessing. We speak so much about various people in our lives that seem to be so “blessed” – but what does that mean? And for that matter, I know people who love the LORD but seem anything but “blessed,” especially considering how most people feel sorry for them. Which leads me to ask, what’s the difference? Why do way too many situations seem so topsy turvy and unfair?


As in most everything in life, so much comes down to definitions. Our family has been reading through Luke, and something that really stood out to me is that the people of Israel at the time of Christ were at best very, very confused (at worst, they were incredibly selfish). When Christ was coming into the city of Jerusalem for Passover, they were excited and hopeful. They were shouting praising to Him, so happy that He was there. They were excited for this Savior Who would save them from the Romans. It’s crazy to think that just a few short days later, some of those same people were yelling, “Crucify Him.” Why?

Initially, they felt so blessed because they had heard of, and in many cases seen, the power of this man, Jesus. But as soon as they perceived that the blessing they were expecting wasn’t going to be fulfilled as expected, they cursed Him and wanted Him dead. And what was the blessing they wanted? As I referred to above, they wanted a King to come and shake the yoke of the Romans rule off their shoulders. The blessing they were seeking and assuming Christ would fulfill was to grant them liberty and freedom from their oppressors. And they knew that if anyone could do it, Jesus could.

Able but not willing – for a very good reason

Well, they were partially right. Jesus could have gone and defeated all the Romans for His people. But He didn’t. His plans were much, much bigger.

The thing is, the entire time, Jesus knew. He knew they would reject Him. He knew what they wanted and all He could say through tears streaming down His face was, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who have been sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, just as a hen gathers her young under her wings, and you were unwilling!” (Luke 13:34).

Indeed, He DID come to bless us and give us liberty and freedom from our oppressors. But the Jews (just like all of us), didn’t always readily see what was right in front of them. They didn’t see the bigger picture. The real oppression the Jews were dealing with went beyond the Romans. The oppression Jesus came to free them from was their sin. In the same way, the blessings the LORD wants to give us goes beyond our current circumstances. He sees the bigger picture, and He wants to bless us beyond what we can imagine. We just may not see that what seems like difficulties and burdens may be the path to a deeper blessing. God doesn’t care nearly as much about our short term comfort and happiness (although He often gives us these things!). Rather, He cares most deeply for our long term holiness and joy.

Why are “they” blessed?

It’s so easy for me to look around and see how many seem to be so “blessed” (granted, by the world’s definition of “blessed”) They have health and wealth, and little to no consequences to living lives that fly in the face of a holy God. I don’t understand. But what I must keep reminding myself of, is that God has a much bigger plan in mind. He sees what I can’t possibly see. And again, His plans for blessing His children go far beyond what we can ever dream or hope for.

There have been countless times in my own life when things were difficult, but there were clear blessings in the middle of it all (especially in hindsight). I heard a story the other day about how there was a show that has some kind of a bubble that people live in, complete with trees and vegetation. But they couldn’t figure out why all the trees kept falling after they had reached a certain height. After a while, they figured out it was because in their bubble, there was no wind. Therefore, the trees weren’t strong enough to stand after they got beyond a certain height. Those pesky winds made them stronger.

LORD, help us to trust the various winds You allow in our lives. Whether it feels like a cool breeze or insane hurricane winds, we know we can trust You no matter what. Please, remind us we can trust You and help us to glorify You through any and every circumstance.


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