Book review for “God Made Boys and Girls”

I came across this book, “God Made Boys and Girls” by Marty Machowski, a couple of months ago. I was was very intrigued. It seemed to address a prevalent point of contention in our increasingly confused society. It is incredibly sad to me that we now have to intentionally address an obvious fact of life – God made boys and girls. There are two genders, full stop. But unfortunately, we must indeed be very specific and clear. There is so much confusion that is being propagated in all too many areas of life. This is especially true with respect to our children. The clarity provided in this book is not just necessary but refreshing.

Starting off

The book starts off with kids running around a playground. There was one particular little girl who wanted to play football with the boys. She was a good athlete, and her male peers were annoyed with her physical prowess. Luckily their teacher saw what was going on. So he proceeded to give the class a lesson on gender (from a biblical worldview).

The book talks about basic biology, including XY and XX chromosomes. Also, the book speaks to how essentially, the LORD’s design for gender is a gift.

Gender is inherent

I also appreciated how Machowski spoke to the fact that “girls and boys all have different talents and gifts.” However, those particular talents and gifts don’t define our gender. Rather our gender is given to us by God (at conception).

Sharing the gospel

Machowski even presents the gospel towards the end of the book in an easy-to-understand way. Machowski explains that Jesus came to this earth to die for our sins even when we had turned away from God. So when we believe in Jesus, living for God according to His way (as opposed to our own), we can learn to love others.

Finally, Machowski tells the reader how we can show others God’s love by being kind. We can also encourage others, instead of making fun of them based on what they may like to do.

I just wish…

I was a little disappointed how the book ended. It seemed to end abruptly after addressing treating others as we would like to be treated. Obviously, this verse is an important part of the Word of God! But it would have been nice if the author specifically addressed how yes, we must have compassion with others. However, we also need to share Truth with others. By doing both, we demonstrate the love of God.

Still a great book!

But, with that being said, I thought it was a great book to discuss the gift of gender, especially to younger children. As detailed in God Made Girls and Boys, just because a child may not fit into the stereotypes of gender constructed by our various cultures, that does not change the fact of the inherent gender the LORD gifted to each of us at the point of conception.

I pray as we parent our children, we are able to share these seemingly obvious facts with wisdom, compassion, truth, and clarity. LORD, help us never think we know better how to love others, but help us love others are your Word consistently teaches – with compassion and Truth.

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