Book review for “You’re not enough (and that’s okay)” by Allie Beth Stuckey

I’ve been wanting to personally read this book, You’re not enough (and that’s okay), for a while, but I haven’t gotten the chance to. So I figured I would have my almost 14 year old daughter read the book, especially considering this is more for her age group (and/or slightly older).

For those of you who may not be familiar with Allie Beth Stuckey, she’s a fantastic podcaster that delves into all of the news and events in our day, with a biblical perspective. She truly is a breath of fresh air. I love listening to her break down the news, as well as take a strong stand for the Word of God.

So here is my daughter’s book review of Allie Beth Stuckey’s book, “You’re not enough (and that’s okay).” I hope you enjoy!

I thought the book “You’re Not Enough (and that’s okay)” was an amazing book and was very well written. It breaks up the topic of self-love and what it is really about in a way that is easily understandable for anyone who reads it. She talks about these five myths: You are enough, you determine your truth, you’re perfect the way you are, you’re entitled to your dreams, and you can’t love others until you love yourself. 

What stood out to me was in the first myth, “you are enough,” she talks about her experience during and after college after she went through a really hard break-up. She talks about how she stopped eating and started to drink and work out a lot to help numb the pain. The author felt that she wasn’t enough and that’s why her boyfriend broke up with her. She soon had to go to a counselor and they told her she was going to die. It took them telling her that for her to realize that she had to stop this never ending cycle. She went to her car and broke down, asking God a million questions. After that day, God helped heal her and her life went back to normal, this time as a full Christian. She also realized that she will never be enough, because we are sinful and can never be God.

We are not enough, but Jesus is, so when we accept God into our hearts, he gives us a new identity and purpose in Him. If we were enough, we wouldn’t have needed Jesus to die on the cross and take away our sins. Even after reading this one chapter, my whole perspective was changed. Now I think more biblically about the topic and remember what Christ did and why we aren’t enough. The book took me through each chapter in a thorough explanation of why each myth was wrong and also connected each myth to my Christian beliefs. It was easily relatable because all over social media people are saying that you are enough. It also reminded me that because of Jesus’ love, I’m forgiven and that Jesus loves me for who I am. The book also talks about marriage and motherhood and what it’s going to be like.

Overall, I thought that it was an amazing book that is perfect for girls in their teens because it addresses the very important topic of self-love that we are being told is right, when it is actually wrong biblically.

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