Book reviews for “Owls in the Family”and “The Ocean of Truth”

I had our 11 year old review the two books, Owls in the Family and “The Ocean of Truth.” Although she’s not incredibly verbose, I know she definitely enjoyed both of these books, for different reasons! Check out her reviews and if you have a middle schooler in your midst, you should definitely pick up this fun and interesting books for them:

Owls in the Family

Owls In The Family is a great book about a boy named Billy, and his two pet owls Wol and Weeps.  Billy had always wanted to have owls so, one day he went searching for them. But instead, he found two new members of his family – Wol and Weeps. Weeps is an owl who is afraid of everything except for Billy’s dog, Mutt. Wol is a brave owl who brings skunks to the dinner table and pulls pranks on Mutt. 

When Wol learns how to fly, he never stops doing it. But Weeps never learns how to fly. Wol and Weeps follow Billy everywhere, and one day this helped Billy out. Billy, Weeps, Wol, and Billy’s friend Bruce, are out near a riverbank when two of the toughest kids in town came up to them. The kids demanded to know where Billy and Bruce’s cave was – A place where Billy and Bruce like to hang out. When Billy and Bruce didn’t tell the them, one of the kids twisted Bruce’s arm behind his back. Just when Billy was about to tell them where the cave was, Wol looked down from the tree he was on and thought the kids were challenging him to a fight. So, he opened his beak and gave an owl hunting scream. And that was enough to make those bullies run for their lives. 

This is just one of the great stories in Owls in the Family. I recommend it to all people who like books about animals. It’s a great book and I hope you can  appreciate it as much as I do!

The Ocean of Truth

The Ocean of Truth, Story of Sir Isaac Newton is an excellent book about Sir Isaac Newton’s life. Newton, even when he was a child, was an inventor. He invented many things, including calculus.  He was a mathematician, astronomer, and author. He also studied gravity and the study of light. 

He stayed with another family while he was in school, above a shop. He was usually distracted in school, with all the inventions he was making. But one day, his teacher encouraged him to try to do his best always. On that day, he made a promise to himself that he would do exceptionally in school. He studied hard and got better and better, until he was the best. His mother wanted him to be a farmer when he grew up, but Isaac’s teacher convinced her to keep him in school. Later, Isaac went to college. He worked hard and soon finished. Then, he became a professor. Sometimes, his students were so interested his lessons went overtime! 

He additionally loved God and studied him. He said that he estimated that Jesus would come back in after 2060. He wrote thousands of notes about the bible. He wrote: “The Supreme God is a Being eternal, infinite, absolutely perfect.” These are some of the things that happened in The Ocean of Truth Story of Sir Isaac Newton. Read the book for yourself to find out more.

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