We were made for such a time as this

So we’re locked down over here in New Jersey. Again. At least with respect to sports. Apparently, it’s dangerous for our children to play a sport together or even train together, because, you know. It’s indoors and LORD knows what can happen. They may just catch something. “They’re” just trying to protect us (aka our government). It’s for our own good. Don’t we all want to protect those that are vulnerable?

I can spout off lots of different articles, expert testimony, and scientific data/studies to refute the idea that more lockdowns are necessary. I mean, it’s hard to tell whether or not we’re even in a true pandemic anymore, but does that even matter to the powers that be?

Why have the draconian lockdowns gotten worse rather than better, since we now know so much more about the disease and can treat it better? Is it because we’re going into the winter season and people normally get sick? So then why does it matter so much? Is it me, or haven’t we all gone through a winter before? Haven’t we ever dealt with a v*rus (rhetorical question)?? Again, it doesn’t matter. The people in charge know better. We must stay locked down, masked up, and at least 6 feet apart.

But here’s my question – what in the world has happened to people’s critical thinking skills? We’re selling out our freedom in the name of safety, but the crazy thing is, it’s not even that dangerous for the general public! Remember, over a 99% survival rate! I’m amazed how so many Americans (really TOO MANY) have just accepted the information we’ve been told from MSM (Main Stream Media), even though it goes against all logic, past experiences with pandemics, and hard data and facts. It’s like we’re all drones from Star Wars, just following along without thinking. I wish I was using hyperbole. Truly, I do. I’d love to be proven wrong on this one. But honestly, I can’t see it. Granted, there is conflicting data (i.e. masks help prevent the spread of the v*rus or the v*rus is killing people at an unprecedented rate), but dissenting information is barely even discussed. Instead, anything that goes against the narrative of fear is marginalized or silenced. That in and of itself should set off alarm bells in our heads. Why marginalize another perspective or silence a study that doesn’t follow what MSM constantly preaches?

With respect to masks, since our family has lived overseas in Asia, we’ve seen the masks before. What’s funny is that the masks were usually worn outdoors, because of the pollution (occasionally they were worn when people had colds, but more often than not, the masks were pulled out when the pollution was bad). They were generally taken off when people were inside. All voluntary, of course, and as it was explained to us, it was for the health of the person wearing the mask. Sounds sort of familiar, right? Well, besides the whole voluntary thing and protecting our own health. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

We’ve had v*ruses before. This is not the first time we’ve been introduced to the concept of germs. If anyone has seen the documentary, “Babies,” you’d know that germs and dirt are not necessarily bad things. The baby from Namibia in this documentary is honestly ridiculously adorable. Chubby and totally healthy, and he freely chews on chicken bones that he found in the dirt. It’s all good. He’s fine.

Of course, the kicker with this v*rus, as I intimated earlier, is the idea that we can bring this horrible thing to others who may not be able to handle it. So let’s protect each other and mask up, even though this has never been done before within the healthy public population, but definitely now (for some reason) it’s a good idea! We’re protecting each other. In other words, the people around us are in charge of our own personal health. Please, someone explain this to me. So in other words, if you happen to be obese and have heart disease and you catch the ‘Rona, then it’s MY fault on the off chance that I gave it to you since I was asymptomatic, but really it’s ridiculously hard to pass it on if you’re asymptomatic, but whatever. Details. Ugh. I just don’t get it.

But now it’s beyond the inconvenience of wearing these darling masks, which are inconclusive as to their benefits. Now, our children are being affected beyond just their emotions and mental well-being, but now their physical outlets are being cut off.

To be clear, I am a huge believer in prayer. And I also know the LORD is sovereign. He knew this was all going to happen. But I refuse to believe that all we are supposed to do is pray if there are other available means to act. The fatalistic attitude of many professing Christians is mind-boggling to me. I’ve mentioned Esther before, but I think she’s worth mentioning again. What if she just prayed for God to intervene and then wiped her hands clean and went on with her life? I know one thing for sure – we wouldn’t know a thing about her. Because there would have been no need to mention her in God’s Word.

We should definitely pray as God’s Word has called us to do. Esther set that example as well. But we don’t pray to change God’s mind or to persuade Him. We pray to change us. We pray for strength. We pray for direction. We pray for clarity. We pray for God’s hand of intervention to be unleashed within us. But keep in mind, there’s a good possibility that God’s hand of intervention involves action. There are too many examples in history for us to believe otherwise. Thank God for the political actions of William Wilberforce, who was critical in ending slavery in Britain. Praise Jesus for the subversive actions against government mandates by Corrie Ten Boom, who saved hundreds of Jews in WWII. And how can we not mention Bonhoeffer, who stood against the giants of Nazi Germany for what he knew to be right and true?

Prayer is foundational. It’s a given. But what else can we do? How about talking to people about what is going on, based on facts rather than exclusively emotion? How about a hug or minimally a conversation with those who have been isolated or who are struggling right now (as I mentioned before, the LORD is sovereign and we shouldn’t be living in fear!)? How about making a few phone calls to legislators? Or writing a letter? Supporting those who are on the frontlines helps as well, specifically in the political arena. Every effort, big or small, makes a difference.

LORD give us wisdom and courage to know what to do. Help us know how to best be Your hands and feet. Amen?

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