Review of “Augustine, The Farmer’s Boy of Tagaste,” from a child’s perspective

I had my 10 year old read this book, “Augustine, The Farmer’s Boy of Tagaste” and she was able to knock it out in less than a week. She really enjoyed it, and although I wouldn’t exactly say she is now an expert in Augustine, I’m so happy that she is familiar with the name and conversant about his general story and why he’s important in Christian history.

And please note, this is how I’ve heard over and over again is the best way to get children comfortable with reading more difficult material when they’re older. Introduce an easier version of the reading, and then when they’re older, they won’t be as intimidated to read the harder books. If they’re already familiar with it and have an idea of what it’s all about, they’ll more readily dive into it in a few years. Thus why so many classic books have children’s versions! Make sense?

Read below what she has to say about this awesome book!

The book Augustine The Farmer’s Boy Of Tagaste is an amazing story about how a boy who did evil deeds, turned into a man of God. Augustine, at the age of ten, did very wicked things. He cheated in games, like find the nut (a game back then), and he always had something bleeding because of his fights. One day his father had gotten so angry at him that he beat him with a stick, and banned him from his own house! His father had died a little while after Augustine had gone to College, but before he did, Augustine’s father had accepted Jesus into his life! But Augustine would still not believe! When he came back to be with his mother, he brought his friends that had the same religion as him, a Manichaean. His mother believed in christ, and in the Bible she had, it said, that anyone who is in the house of a christian and does not believe themselves, is not allowed in. So Augustine’s mother told him and his friends to leave the house. And that they did. But it only made things worse for Augustine, because he had gone to the mayor’s house. And the Mayor wanted everyone to think that he was kind and compassionate, so he usually let everyone have what they wanted. When Augustine was in the house of the mayor, he did public speaking, for his religion. Soon, he decided to go to Rome. His mother wanted to go with him, but Augustine tricked her and left her behind. But, his mother soon found a way to be with him. His mother also found out that he was to be married to a girl named Lepida. (Lepida is not mentioned a lot in the book, but it does say that she is a Christian). Soon Augustine’s mother convinces Augustine to go to church. He is amazed to hear what the Bible says, so he keeps going to church. All in all, he is so amazed that he becomes a Christian. After he becomes a Christian, his mother says, I have no purpose left here on the earth. God has fulfilled my wish – to see you become a man in the faith. That is how important it was to Augustine’s mother that he became a Christian. In the end he becomes a bishop – A minister. It is amazing how God did this in Augustine’s life. And he can do that in yours and in mine too!

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